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If we can assist with any of the following services, please let us know.  ​

Atta Boy is a local company in Bellingham WA with over 30 years of combined cleaning, 

maintenance & repair experience. We provide a wide range of services with free in-person estimates.

Presure Washing
siding/ Deck/ cement
Anti - Moss & Algae treatment
Roof sweep.

Moss treatment

Done when moss levels are

low as a preventative measure, or after a

pressure wash on the roof to keep the moss

from growing back.  We recommend moss

treatment every one to two years for most

roofs.  We usually use a powdered zinc

solution, because it is the most effective.

However there are a couple of other options

for special circumstances.

  Roof sweep

Roof Sweep, removal of leafy debris from roof. Helps to eliminate conditions that promote moss and algae growth and greatly improves the appearance of the roof.

Pressure Wash Siding

Done in preparation for painting.  This service can also be done at a level that won’t remove paint as a way to improve the aesthetic value of the complex / home.  A siding pressure wash will make the exterior look brighter, and will make a window washing last much longer. 


Pressure Wash Decks

Done in preparation for painting.  May also be useful for removal of algae to regain traction on surfaces and improve the appearance of the deck.  This service includes a soap and pressurized rinse.


Pressure Wash Cement

For driveways, walkways, patios and sports courts. Improves traction and appearance by removing algae and dirt build up.  Includes a soap and pressurized rinse. 

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