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AttaBoy is a privately owned company which has been in operations since 2000. AttaBoy has evolved from a small cleaning, maintenance and repair company to an experienced diverse specialized group of services provided by our highly trained technicians.

The company now offers cleaning, maintenance and repair service on all  commercial & residential  Properties.

window cleaning in & out.

  Gutter Cleaning

Prevents damage to the ​gutters, siding and paint, and prevents erosion in the landscaping underneath. 

We remove debris by hand, then rinse gutters while inspecting the downspouts. We also install downspout screens wherever necessary as part of our regular gutter service.Roof drainage evaluation. The method we suggest to solve drainage issue is to redirector and extend downspouts.

Roof Cleaning

Removal of algae and moss growth with light pressure cleaning. This service is done as a last resort; we would rather put together a routine maintenance schedule to sweep and treat roofing. When a roof does need pressure cleaning, we use the lowest pressure we can and soap the surface to loosen moss, ensuring that no harm will come to the roof.

Window Cleaning

Commercial & residential                    Inside & outside ​​​adds 20% more light to your home!  Windows are cleaned on both sides, screens are dry brushed. Inside track, outside screen track, and the frame both inside / outside are wiped. Construction clean-up available for windows as well.

Window Cleaning (outside)​ the outside of the window is cleaned; screen track and frame are wiped​​​​​​​​​​.

Leak inspection
Corner Caulking & sealing
Gable boards Covers
Install gutter hangers
Inspect Downspouts
Redirect suggestion & referrals

Leak inspection

On request or during the gutter services we will do an inspection of the system, and inform you of any necessary repairs needed so as you may have it for your yearly property budget. 


Coner Caulking

Remove old corner caulking, clean metal, rebuild corner with new screw & possible new base strip, install extra gutter hangers to eliminate gutter flex. Finished with a high end re-caulking.


Downspout installation

New downspouts are cut to measurement, installed and directed to the ground or into existing drainage system away from the property foundation.


Redirecting gutter drainage systems

Roof drainage evaluation. The methods we suggest to solve drainage issues are either extend the downspouts or redirect. 

These methods prevent excess erosion of the roof material and the growth of algae and moss forming where the extra water runs down the roof.



Gable End Covers

Also known as gable end covers.  Installation of covers will protect exposed roof beams from water damage, prevent erosion to landscaping below, and stop irritating drips.  Flashing is installed to guide water directly into gutters, and exposed beams are fitted with a covering.  Choose between white or brown covers.


Gutter hangers

Hangers are added to the inside of the gutters to re-fasten the gutters to the facial broads. This service reduces the wear and tear and extends the life of the old gutter system. Also, gutter hangers can help the gutter with gutter slopes issues.

Roof cleaning.
Gutter Cleaning.



Services: Window cleaning  



Our recent window cleaning experience with Atta Boy was very good, we look forward to our gutter cleaning during the week of 17 June. Thanks for your attention to our household needs.

Submitted by Bob and Karen Hilpert. Bellingham WA


Services: Redirecting gutter drainage system



Very professional and courteous as well as expedient, could not be more pleased.

Submitted by Jeanette Emrit, Blaine WA 

Services: Roof cleaning , gutter cleaning, anti moss & algae treatment & window cleaning.


The crew arrived right on time and did an excellent job from top to bottom starting with the roof, gutters then windows inside and out. The gutters worked well during the recent rains and we are very happy with the clear view

Submitted by Bob  Bjorge Bellingham WA

The following testimonials are from property managers and customers who we preformed maintenance services for on their commercial and residential buildings over the past few years. Atta Boy Window, Gutter & Pressure Cleaning Inc. has been built on fulfilling quality work, and on the relationship of confidence we have established with our customers. We take pride in the fact that we have grown primarily through word of mouth from our existing customers and through their confident referrals. Pride in all our services industry comes from improving the interior & exterior environments of our client's properties through professionalism and quality. Extensive referrals beyond these testimonials are available upon request.

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